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Dec 17, 2015
(pdf, 328kb)
• State Superintendent Encourages Everyone to Say Thank You to a Teacher in Latest Blog Post
• Plans for Low Performing Schools and Districts Now Online
• Spring Tuition Awards Available for Special Education Teachers
• Dyslexia Report and Brief Provide Communication Tools to Clear Confusion, Barriers about Dyslexia
• Rigorous Evaluation Process Nets Seven STEM Schools of Distinction for 2014-15
• On the Stage and Behind the Scenes: Lessons Learned from Theatre
• December's "From the Board Room" Now Online
• Home Base Biweekly Update Features Latest Program News
Nov 20, 2015
(pdf, 277kb)
•  Smoky Mountain Student Learns that CTE Changes, Saves Lives
•  IHE Approved Teacher Education Programs Grid on the Web
•  EC PreK Instructional Resources Helps Educators and Caregivers Create Quality IEP Goals for PreK Students
•  OCS Pathway Consideration Form on the Web
•  2015-16 Education Directory Now Online
•  Student Voices Blog Examines Benefits of Music Education
•  Home Base Teacher Spotlight Features Croatan High School Educator
Oct 30, 2015
(pdf, 291kb)
•  "From the Boardroom" Highlights Teacher Turnover, Read to Achieve Results
•  New Testing Dates for Interpreters, Translators Available on Deaf/Hard of Hearing Website
•  Energizers Help Students and Teachers Get Active in the Classroom
•  Professional Development Website Directs Educators to Learning Opportunities
•  Home Base Spotlights Feature Nash-Rocky Mount and Sampson Counties
•  Get Social with Us on Facebook and Twitter
Oct 15, 2015
(pdf, 252kb)
•  IHE Educator Preparation Performance Reports for 2014-15 on the Web
•  2016 NC Head Start Special Projects Internship Program Accepting Applications
•  CCSA Exhibitor Information Now Online
•  Freedom High School Senior Discusses NCVPS in First Student Blog Feature
•  Follow, Like and Tweet to Learn More about North Carolina‚Äôs Public Schools
Sep 24, 2015
(pdf, 313kb)
•  NC Healthy Schools Redesigned Website Reveals Bright and Bold Fresh Look
•  Deaf/Hard of Hearing Website Redesign Features New Navigation, New Content
•  SBE "From the Boardroom" Now Online
•  New Fruit and Vegetable Fact Sheets on the Web
•  New Interactive Map Features State System of Support Service Team
Sep 10, 2015
(pdf, 329kb)
•  Dr. Atkinson Reflects on Education Ensemble in Latest Blog
•  2016 Session Information For NC Governor School Online
•  Fall Tuition Awards Available for Special Education Teachers
•  Graduation: The Measure of Tomorrow is Theme for 65th EC Conference
•  New Website Highlights High School Accreditation Resources
•  STEM Website Redesign Features Fresh Look and New Resources
•  NC Holocaust Council Offers Numerous Education Programs
•  A Community for Literacy: It Takes A Village
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