Employment in NC Public Schools

The NC Department of Public Instruction maintains School Jobs, The North Carolina Public Schools Application System site. This site enables you to create or update an online employment application that is automatically forwarded to the LEAs (school systems) that you have selected. When a current or pending vacancy within the designated LEAs matches your interests and skill set, you will be contacted directly by the hiring agents of those LEAs to schedule an interview.


To apply with an LEA - please use School Jobs. If School Jobs is not functional, please email hrms.incidents@its.nc.gov for assistance.

  • To track the progress of your employment application, please contact the LEA(s) to which you submitted your application. LEA contact information can be found in EDDIE. Use the LEA Personnel Report (located under the Reports Menu) to obtain contact information for all of the LEAs, or use the Search or Selection boxes to navigate to an individual LEA or school. For help with LEA or school information, please go to the EDDIE Information page.


To apply with a charter school - please contact the charter school for their application procedure. Charter school contact information is in EDDIE, or can be found on the Office of Charter Schools website.