These are NOT vacancies - these are only SAMPLE job descriptions. Local school systems (LEAs) can and often do modify the job descriptions to meet their individual needs. Please contact the school system in which you are interested for a finalized job description.

Principal / Assistant Principal
(pdf, 31kb)

(pdf, 45kb)

School Social Worker
(pdf, 55kb)

School Psychologist
(pdf, 57kb)

Technology Facilitator / Instructional Technology Specialist

Media Supervisor
(pdf, 29kb)

Media Coordinator
(pdf, 29kb)

Speech-Language Pathologist
(pdf, 33kb)

(pdf, 28kb)

School Nurse
(pdf, 30kb)

Curriculum Instructional Specialist
(pdf, 27kb)

Exceptional Children Program Director
(pdf, 17kb)

School Finance Officer
(pdf, 29kb)

Workforce Development Director
(pdf, 14kb)

School Superintendent
(pdf, 23kb)

Associate Superintendent
(pdf, 15kb)

Assistant Superintendent
(pdf, 15kb)

Physical Therapist
(pdf, 28kb)

Physical Therapist Assistant
(pdf, 23kb)

Occupational Therapist
(pdf, 32kb)

Occupational Therapist Assistant
(pdf, 27kb)

Child Nutrition Director
(pdf, 33kb)

Job Class Specifications for Non-certified Public School Personnel
(pdf, 553kb)


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