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The Center for Safer Schools serves to promote safe learning environments for North Carolina K-12 schools. The Center serves as a hub of information and technical assistance on school safety to school faculty and staff, law enforcement, youth-serving community agencies, juvenile justice officials, policymakers, parents/guardians and students.

Center staff focus on school climate, school discipline and emergency preparedness concerns for North Carolina’s public K-12 schools. Staff are available to provide trainings, guidance and technical assistance upon request for school faculty and staff, and those working with children and adolescents.


A Message from the CFSS Executive Director
The Center for Safer Schools is moving forward to support schools and communities by providing resources through grant funding to schools to hire additional school resource officers (SROs) and mental health professionals, to provide training on school safety and crisis response protocols, and to purchase school safety equipment.  We are also working with the Task Force for Safer Schools to develop materials for schools to assist with facility assessments and threat assessments. With school safety as top priority, the Center for Safer Schools urges district officials and community members to make use of resources available. Please click here for more information.

Email Updates
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School Safety Grant Programs
In 2018, the General Assembly worked with State Superintendent Mark Johnson to launch a new $35 million School Safety Grants Program to improve safety in public school units by providing grants for school safety resource officers, services for students in crisis, training to increase school safety, safety equipment in schools, and additional school mental health support personnel.

School Resource Officer Grant Program

In 2018 the General Assembly worked with the State Superintendent Mark Johnson to launch a new School Safety Grants Program. A part of that program includes grants for the training and/or employment of school resource officers in North Carolina's elementary and middle schools. Click here (pdf, 540kb) to view the list of grants awarded this year.

School Mental Health Support Personnel Grant Program

The School Mental Health Support Personnel grant program can provide all or a portion of the salary and benefits needed to employ additional school counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, and school social workers for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Funds were awarded through a competitive grant process and must be used to supplement, not supplant, state or non-state funds already provided. Click here (pdf, 501kb) to view the list of grants awarded this year.

Community Partners Grant Program
The purpose of the Community Partners Grant Program is to increase school safety by providing evidence-based and evidence-informed crisis services and training to help students develop healthy responses to trauma and stress. $5 million was awarded towards Students in Crisis and Training to Increase School Safety. Click here ( pdf, 210kb) to view the list of grants awarded this year.

School Safety Equipment Grant Program
The School Safety Equipment Grant Program includes up to $3 million dollars to North Carolina public schools for school safety equipment. This competitive grant program will inform state policymakers and lawmakers on the specific needs regarding school safety equipment across the state. $3 million was awarded towards School Safety Equipment. Click here ( pdf, 382kb) to view the list of grants awarded this year.

Other School Safety Grants

The remaining grant applications will be posted here, along with their individual deadlines, once they are available.


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