DIVISION MISSION :: We manage nearly $10 billion in state and federal funds and provide various technical support services to Local Education Agencies (LEAs), their schools, their employees, and the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).



Independent Public Schools 1st Installment
(xlsx, 48kb)   POSTED 08/22/19


Continuation Salary Schedules
Effective July 1, 2019
This continuation schedule is to be used for Educators who received the bump in experience for FY2018-19. Educators who did not receive the bump in years of experience for FY2018-19 shall be paid based on the 2018-19 Salary Schedule.
(pdf, 182kb)   LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 21, 2019


Voluntary Shared Leave Reporting - LEAs Only (Not Charter Schools or Lab Schools)
This survey is collected annually in response to General Statute 126-8.3(c) and is due August 28, 2019. The survey is posted at Note: Do not enter decimal points or any symbols when entering numbers.


Early Grade Reading Proficiency PRC 085
(pdf, 80kb)  POSTED 08/14/19

  • PRC 085 Estimated Allocation based on 2019-20 Allotted ADM
    (xlsx, 17kb)   POSTED 08/14/19


IFE Position Conversion Request Form
(xlsx, 17kb)  UPDATED 08/09/19


FY 2018-19 Carryover into FY 2019-20 for LEAs and Independent Public Schools
(xlsx, 65kb)  LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 1, 2019


FY 2019-20 Budget Information


LEA Budget Planning 2019-20
(xlsx, 196kb)   UPDATED 05/06/19


Average Daily Membership for LEAs and Charter Schools

  • 2019-20 Comparison of Actual and Projected ADM to Allotted ADM
    (xlsx, 69kb)  POSTED 02/22/19


ESSA Per Pupil Guidance
(pdf, 48kb)   LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 27, 2018


Reporting of Fraud and Misuse of Funds


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