Welcome to Home Base!
Home Base is North Carolina’s suite of digital classroom management tools and instructional resources for teachers, students, parents and administrators. Teachers use Home Base to access student data as well as teaching and learning resources to help students. Students can access their assignments, grades and learning activities. Parents can view their children’s attendance and grades, and administrators can monitor data about students and teachers in their schools.

Home Base, developed with assistance from the federal Race to the Top grant from 2010-2015, is now supported with state and local school district funding. It provides a secure and comprehensive suite of digital learning tools and student information systems. Its educator evaluation and professional development resources save teachers time, and provide access to online learning resources aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

Participation in the Home Base Suite
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is pleased to announce that the full suite of Home Base tools will be provided to all districts and charter schools in the 2016-17 school year for $1/ADM. This pricing includes access to content across multiple subject areas within Home Base. Please remember, unlike last year, Canvas licenses ($3.74 per user) will not be paid directly from the State, but rather is an expense covered by the district or charter school due to the end of Race to the Top funding.

  • Home Base Usage 2016-17 School Year FAQs
    (pdf, 256kb)
  • Memo Providing Usage Information for 2016-17
    (pdf, 225kb)
  • See if your district has signed up for 2016-17
    (pdf, 509kb)

Accessing Home Base
While this website provides information resources about Home Base and how to use it well, educators, students and parents receive official access to Home Base through their local school district or charter school. Access is granted as appropriate, based on individual roles and responsibilities.

This site provides resources to navigate the basics of Home Base including how to get started, best practices shared by experienced teachers and news about additions to the Home Base suite. Integrating online learning into your classroom is made easier by engaging our resource tools.

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