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Driver Education is an integral part of the Graduated Licensing Process and required in North Carolina for a student to obtain a learner’s permit or driver’s license before the age of 18. Driver Education is provided in all 115 school districts and is available to all public, private, charter, federal and home school students enrolled in the state. School districts may charge students a fee of up to $65 to offset their cost of providing the program.

North Carolina Driver Education Strategic Plan - Approved by SBE in February 2013
The NC Driver Education Strategic Plan provides a framework for the Department of Public Instruction and driver education stakeholders to develop, administer and implement a high quality Driver Education Program to ensure that all young drivers are provided with the necessary tools to allow them to safely and efficiently operate a motor vehicle on North Carolina’s highways.
(pdf, 338kb)

Driver Education Program
North Carolina Standard Curriculum Guide
Adopted: April 2011 Revised: July 2011
(pdf, 558kb)