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Welcome to the website for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education and Leadership. STEM Education is an infusion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through project-based learning to understand complex problems and to prepare our next generation of innovators.

PURPOSE :: STEM Education and Leadership is to prepare 21st Century K-12 STEM educators and leaders to teach and disseminate new integrated approaches to STEM teaching and learning to benefit students in North Carolina to be career and college ready.  North Carolina’s STEM Education connects education programs, postsecondary education, policy-makers, business/industry, and other state agencies to STEM initiatives to the Department of Public Instruction, Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and schools to ensure our citizens are learning the skills that will keep their communities globally competitive.


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September 2013 RELEASE: NC STEM Recognition
North Carolina is providing quality STEM education. To recognize our states finest STEM Schools and Programs, NC has developed an application process to identify and recognize exemplary STEM Schools and STEM Programs. Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Programs, or Future-Ready High Schools/Program of Achievement have the opportunity to submit an application highlighting their distinguished approaches to leading and learning in STEM Education. The application is built around a rubric which outlines critical strengths, eleven "Attributes", of a high quality STEM Education schools program. Schools/Programs demonstrating evidence they are implementing all Attributes of a quality STEM program at the "Prepared" or "Model" level will be recognized.

Download Application
(pdf, 1.1mb | doc, 1.8mb)

NC STEM Attribute Implementation Rubric(s): Elementary, Middle, High School

Elementary School
(pdf, 514kb)

Middle School
(pdf, 514kb)

High School
(pdf, 563kb)

Engineering Connections to K-12 Education
The "E" in STEM, the engineering component, is connected to Science, Technology, Mathematics, and courses within the existing Standard Course of Study. Engineering Connections are developed and aligned with the STEM Implementation Rubric Principles.